The technique.

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Gero Stephan, Managing Partner

Technisch auf modernstem Stand setzt die Firma Bootleggers auf höchste Qualität in der Herstellung durch Vakuum Destillerie

Locally & regionally

The vast majority of our products are distilled here in Austria. However, our distillery takes the age-old principle of distillation to the next level. Not only has the highest quality been applied to the artisanship of the process and materials used, but the approach to the physical principle has also been rethought.

Egal ob Fassreifung oder finishing. Holz ist eine unserer großen Leidenschaften in der Produktentwicklung.

modern technology

In our low temperature process, botanicals are gently distilled at 38°C. The unique vacuum process allows us to distill flavors far below the usual 83°C. This gives the distillates an intensity and character that will remain unmatched by any conventional distilling process.

Von der Idee bis zum ersten Schluck. Unsere Zielsetzung ist es uns Kunden mit dem Ergebnis zu begeistern.

New Horizons

However, since not all distillates can be best produced in Austria, we have 5 partner distilleries around the world with which we can create products of the highest quality, not only with Austrian tradition and ingredients but also with broadly spread experience and hence even more possibilities for you, the customer.